What IT departments can learn from a Chick-fil-a drive thru

I’ve found that if you pay attention, there are lessons hiding almost everywhere you look. Sometimes it takes a bit to catch on, but the world is rich with things to learn. Let’s take the standard fast food drive thru as an example. If you…


Building a better salesperson

My first tech job was with a regional VAR (value added reseller). I started in phone support, then moved up to bench tech, then to field engineer – a path that increased my exposure to customers and the rest of the business with each move. I…


In pursuit of a modern password policy

The phrase “convenience shouldn’t trump security” sounds good. It carries the weight of authority, of someone who is taking a stand to do the right thing, and in most cases they are. Problem is, outside of a high security setting, inconveniencing users tends to make things…

Talking shop at the Okta Identity & Mobility Forum

Videos and a related blog post. In which Okta’s Aaron Yee and I talk about identity lifecycle.   Later in the day: Talking security, multi-factor auth, and cloud service delivery with Okta’s Eric Karlinsky. Also, client VPNs suck.


The shape of networks to come

At last year’s Cisco Live, I sat in a room full of network engineers and architects who were openly hostile to the Cisco marketing person presenting to us. We were talking about control systems, the Internet of Things, and the networking needed to tie modern…



A whisper and the scent of blood woke it. The blood was simple, uncomplicated. The whisper, more complex, spiced with fear, anger, sorrow, acceptance. Both trickled downward into the earth.

“Help me.”

File Sync & Sharing

If you’ve got files (and who doesn’t?), you probably need a way to share them with other people. If they’re work files, that means whatever tool you use needs to be secure, compliant, reliable, and easy to use for even the least tech-savvy users. Using…


VMware’s Cloud Adventure

I like VMware. They’re a solid company with lots of good people (With the exception of whoever is responsible for product names – VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand? Seriously, what is wrong with you?) and tech.


Stop asking tech people to build your ideas

Sometimes people bring me ideas.

They say “I have this great idea for an app.” or “I have an idea for a tech business.” Inevitably, both are followed by “…and I just need you to build it for me.”

This is nothing special about me – it happens to most tech people.